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About Us

GiPSi Navigation was formed to change the way pilots interact with their avionics…to change the “human” interface.  The objective is to give the pilot more time to concentrate on the things that are “outside” the cockpit thus, allowing the pilot to better maintain a higher level of situational awareness.

The first step in this process was the development and production of a portable, voice based GPS for general aviation pilots.  The product is through alpha and beta testing and is now in the hands of a number of pilot customers across the USA. 

Future products will be developed based upon the objective of improving the human interaction between pilots and their instruments, while keeping the highest safety standards


Over 10 years ago, a veteran Silicon Valley technology inventor, engineer and entrepreneur took up flying.  During his training he learned how to use GPS in various configurations, handheld, panel based and in “glass cockpits”.  Several years later he purchased a new car that came equipped with a built in GPS that alerted him to make changes in or follow a certain direction via a pleasant voice.  There was no longer a need to watch an electronic map on a small screen in the dashboard, consequently he could keep his eyes on  the road.  Shortly after this new acquisition he was flying over the Santa Cruz mountains (on the San Francisco peninsula) in a Cessna 172 and was talking to ATC on a path back to Palo Alto Municipal airport and an “EPIPHANY OCCURRED”.  Not necessarily some form of ethereal manifestation, but more in the form of a HERCULES C-130, at about 2000 feet, heading in his direction and he was busy fiddling with knobs and dials in the panel and had drifted off track.  Fortunately he was able to pull up and avoid a serious mishap.  It immediately occurred to him that he should have been looking “outside” rather than “inside” the cockpit.  This was the genesis of a product idea, something that could give him verbal warnings and directions, so that he could spend more time maintaining better situational awareness outside the cockpit.  After numerous discussions with other pilots a design for a product was conceived and luckily there was already in place a company to further develop and produce the product.

The GiPSi voice based GPS was developed by Benedict Communications Company.  Benedict Communications has a 25+ year history of successfully designing and marketing sophisticated electronics devices to commercial customers and government agencies.  These devices have always been considered “mission critical”.  The GiPSi portable GPS device for pilots was designed for General Aviation pilots by a pilot, who wanted to dramatically improve the human interface between the pilot and the instruments.  The design criteria were based upon effective cost, reliability and state of the art electronics and their software.

About Us