GiPSi LogoThe Cheapest airplane GPS you can buy ($0.00) for Android Phones! Perfect for glass panel backup. Including Lat/Lon Pilot specified Point Navigation for free, with NO advertisements.

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What's New:
In addition to The Stand Alone GiPSi, we have Android Smartphone Navigation Apps for VFR navigation 

VFR Digital Panel is a free Android  secondary panel APP including pilot selected navigation  with no advertising.

 VFR Digital Panel + which has automatic or manual exportable logbook and Lat/Lon point recording plus GO TO  Navigation Screen from Destination List (Airport or User Lat/Lon) or Nearest List

Stand Alone GiPSi-Self Contained 11 hr battery life with WAAS GPS.
Battery powered GPS with voice for $249.
Ideal for use  in rental planes, as primary VFR navigation or as a backup.
Also in sailplanes, where weight, size,10 Hr battery life or cost are critical.
Includes verbal directions to 50 Nearest Runways, Route Waypoints,
or Recorded Logging.
GiPSi  hooked directly to a
MP3 socket on a headset
GiPSi Voice GPS
3"x2"x1"  3oz

GiPSi Flying Demonstration of  Substitute Panel Function

GiPSi Aviation Google Earth Movie Created from Gipsi Log of Substitute Panel Movie on Left

GiPSi Nearest guidance Demo

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